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Mobile phone users take their phones with them wherever they go. The majority of people have their phones with them and turned on 24/7 365 days a year.

People use them to search for local businesses and then 70% of those searches turn into a purchasing relationship. For instance over 30,000 mobile device searches are made for ‘Hotels in Cardiff’ per month! There’s even over 500 a month for ‘Accountants in Cardiff’!

Yet if your business doesn’t have a mobile freindly website, and hardly any do, then you are missing out on all those potential new clients as they wil llikely go to the next website until they find one thats easy to use. See the short video opposite to see what I mean

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First off we only work with forward thinking, dynamic companies who are seriously looking to grow their businesses.

We do NOT compete on price. We are reassuringly well priced and justifiably so. We get results. We use specific experts within their marketing fields to bring you fantastic return on investment.

So it all begins with us visiting your business and we sit round a table and go over our marketing blueprint mind map where we explain what is achievable via a myriad of various marketing strategies, online, mobile, offline etc and see which fits best with your current and future requirements, then we get more specific with them, drilling down into your unique situation to create an effective campaign that binds all the components together to bring you more profits and expand your client base. Our marketing strategies will attract high quality,high value customers and retain, nurture and grow the value of your customers.

You dont have to do much yourselves, most of the implementation, technical and coding and strategic work is taken off your hands. You have one point of contact for every marketing piece of work ensuring the message remains constant no matter what media is being used.

In the highly unlikely event you decide not to use us, the hour will still have brought to your attention multiple ways of growing your business, many of which it is unlikely you would be aware of.

The £250 charge for this initial consultation will be money well invested in your business future. Call us today 02921 660250, book in an hour of your time so we can go over the amazing advantages of using The Platinum Marketing Group will bring to your business. So call us now 02921 660250 and take your first step.

If you are selling to consumers, ‘Joe Public’ , then you need to have your business listed well on Google Places. If you are at the top of Google Places listings, your phone will ring with new prospects.

Your business will do well to be listed on search engines. If you are at the top of Google search then your phone will ring with new prospects.

Your business has to have a strong social media presence. If you are communicating well and getting your message out to your target audience at the right times, then guess what, your phone will ring with new prospects!

Many businesses will benefit by having some videos of services, products , staff etc and their own branded You Tube channel. People love watching video and respond well to them. This in turn will drive people to pick up their phones and call you.

Then all you need to do is answer the phones and close the deals, of course you’ll have the added potential to upsell and cross sell them to other products and services whilst they’re on the phone with you.

Getting those phones to ring with targetted ready to buy customers is where internet marketing can really help, yes things can be automated more, orders can be taken online with no personal contact needed, but we still buy from people, the personal relationships are still motivating factors to purchases.

We will take care of all these aspects for you, give us a call now on                          02921 660250, and let us help you grow your business

Hi, whatever type of business you are in, we can bring you success with our marketing strategies, watch the short video to see just some of the ways we can build your business,

  • online
  • social media
  • mobile
  • traditional 
  • monetising your existing client base 
  • winning back old clients

All the above will bring huge success to your business.

Give us a call now on 02921 660250 and let’s get things moving


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20 things to do before determining your marketing strategies

  1. Describe your ideal customer(s) Ages, genders, geo-demographics, household income, interests, family, cars driven, typical jobs/businesses etc
  2. What are your most profitable products/services  ie which make you the highest profit per unit sold
  3. What are your best selling products/services?  Wouldn’t it be nice if these two answers (2 & 3) are the same
  4. What are your immediate and future product development plans and how do the answers to 2& & 3 above relate to this
  5. Know your business metrics: what is the value of the average sale eg 40 sales of varying values bringing in a total of £24,000 would be £600
  6. Average customer value If the above 40 sales came from 20 customers = £1200.00 per customer
  7. Lifetime customer value – takes into account multi purchases and buying cycles, if a customer buys a one off product at £1200 V another who pays £100 per month every month, who has the higher lifetime value at first glance its the latter, but the former could always return for more and different purchases.
  8. The conversion rate of prospects to leads, if you have 100 prospects and convert 20 into actual paying clients, the rate is 20%
  9. Cost/value of each lead, you spend £2000 on the campaign that brings in the 20 clients, so each one costs £100 to win and has a value of £1200 (6) , nice!
  10. How do you currently glean customer feedback and engagement and how will this develop in the future
  11. What issues do you see facing your industry and clients over the next X months/years (depending on cycles relevant to industry) – how can you position your business/products/services/pricing to take advantage of this?
  12. What methods do you currently use to market your business?
  13. What are the separate conversion rates and other metrics for each marketing approach
  14. How are the above currently checked tested and calculated
  15. What do you use to see statistics about your website visitors
  16. Where do they come to your website from (search, links, social media, email etc)
  17. Which are the most successful keywords for traffic generation to your site
  18. How are these keywords monetised
  19. Are you using the most effective suppliers for your business and clients requirements especially re future developments and growth potential
  20. Are your key staff members ready to take action

Why businesses should consider Facebook

Why your business needs to be on Facebook


You want to make great connections, don’t you?

If you picture yourself at a business networking meeting, maybe 30- 150 other people there. You are hoping to make connections with some of them and hope that they in turn will remember you to their contacts once out of the meeting. You try your best to make a favourable impression, you swap details with a fair percentage of the other business people and determine to follow up tomorrow.

A couple of weeks later and you’ve perhaps spoken to a handful of them, you’ve not really got much further, have they passed your details onto their contacts, are you on their recommended list, you don’t know.

Now transfer this scenario onto Facebook. Taking your personal profile first, you connect with 30- 150 other business people, and instantly by connecting with them, their contacts can see that they have made a connection with you. No hoping and praying and waiting for it to happen, it’s instant. Your connection will show on their newsfeed and so onto their contacts newsfeeds and not just some of their contacts, no, all of their Facebook contacts could see the connection made and then decide whether to check you out for themselves. Then if they decide to connect with you, it shows to all their contacts too, and so on and so on.

Transfer this to your business page/s where you impress visitors into ‘liking’ you and your page/ business. This ‘like’ then gets shown on their newsfeeds, any comments they make on your page walls (the chat part of your  business page) will also show up on their newsfeeds so making growing your contacts quicker and easier. The term going viral can apply here as without much effort on your part, your messages can be passed around and seen by many many  people.

Over 600 million Facebook users

Facebook usage is growing at a phenomenal rate. Having just soared over the 600 million user mark and with the average time spent on Facebook amounting to over 1 hour a day, there are plenty of reasons to tap into this amazing source of connections, information and opportunity. People  spend far longer on Facebook than on most other internet sites. In that time they have a chance to discover you, your business, your fan page, and make a connection and begin a relationship with you. Facebook users love to share their experiences, they love to tell their contacts about their latest discovery and that includes more and more business related discussion. Facebook is really opening up for businesses to utilise its strengths. The virality of Facebook, the ease with which experiences and thoughts can be passed on through multiple points of contact, people see something that interests them in someone elses newsfeed, they click on it, like it, and now that appears on their newsfeed and is communicated to all their contacts.

Now granted all these people are not going to be your target market, however there is a strong likelihood that someone within their immediate or second level of contacts will be, and we all know in business it may only take one special contact to make a huge difference.

Obviously you have to decide if Facebook is for you, I am not here to tell you what to do, just to make you more aware of the benefits available to you through utilising Facebook for your business.


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How Facebook Works

So how does Facebook actually work?


Well on your newsfeed you are given access to your contacts content. So is this content randomly supplied to you or is there some semblance of a method to what Facebook shows you?

Facebook, much like Google, is somewhat reticent on how it actually works, however the common held belief (and this has been somewhat proven by many different tests) is the following:-

Currently on Facebook, when you log in as a user, you are brought to a home page that has your Top News Feed. The Top News Feed is a stream of information from your social connections (Facebook Friends, Groups you’ve joined, and Pages that you’ve “liked”) that Facebook thinks is most important to you. It’s not every piece of information being posted by every one of your friends.

If you choose to click on recent news then you get more access to content from your friends though still not all of it.  In fact you’ll never see all of it unless you only have a handful of contacts and they don’t  put out much content.

Facebook first shows content that has been interacted with the most, from friends that have been interacted the most with. And even that is sectioned further into video/ audio as top choice of content, then links, then heavily commented on threads, then the lighter threads.

See Facebook survives by getting people to look at it as much as possible (so it can then monetise its ads etc) , so the more clicks a thread gets, the more its going to be shown on other peoples newsfeeds as it is then deemed worth of sharing, and videos/ audio , photos and links get the most clicks so most people are looking at them so Facebook rewards that.

So when you’re a newbie to Facebook, ideally you need to get many of your friends  and contacts clicking your threads and commenting on them as soon as possible so you start to get noticed by Facebook and others. However ideally you start off with those contacts that don’t have a massive list of friends themselves else your threads will get lost in all of their other newsfeed items. Go for the lower hanging fruit, get popular with them, then go for contacts with 200-500 friends, then more etc .Then you work your way up Facebooks popularity ratings, more so if you post a lot of videos and photos and links , with the aim of becoming a Facebook .

Now looking at it from a different angle, its like a three edged sword. 

The first edge is someone liking your ad but never visiting your page they would be far less likely to be shown updates from you. If the user visits your page from time to time, has liked the occasional post, or has viewed photos from your company, your chances of showing up in the News Feed increase dramatically. (And here’s where you see why getting likes initially on your content is so very important—once you’ve got someone engaged, it allows you to continue the dialogue.)

The second edge the type of interaction. One way to think of it is the amount of time a user is engaged with your page. Posted written comments on the status probably weigh more than multiple likes, for instance.  But this edge is also interesting, because when Facebook launches a new product or service, it IMMEDIATELY ranks higher than comments, likes, or any other interaction on Facebook. You may have noticed that when Facebook launched Places, for instance, you immediately saw a post from anyone you had on your friend list who was using the new service. That’s because Facebook weighted Place checkins higher than any other action on Facebook. And so, another trick to News Feed Optimization would be to capitalize on Facebook’s new launches quickly, even if they’re not a part of your long term approach to Facebook.

The third edge is the simplest edge. If your content is recent and has a lot of activity on it, you can count on it showing up in the news feed. Great examples of this include posts on the day of a new product launch, or posts when a baby is born. This is also one of Facebook’s ways to outsmart marketers. If you have to push forever to get likes or comments on your posts, it must not be that interesting. And so, what we can learn from that is to be current, and relevant to your audience.

Of course this is how it is now, but Facebook is ever changing and so we can never sit still.

Mobile friendly website design

With more and more people using their mobile phones to help them make purchasing decisions it makes sense for businesses, whatever their target market, to consider having a mobile friendly website designed.

This will, simply put, allow their customers and prospects to engage with them via their chosen media, in this case their mobile phones.

One of the important considerations is what content the end user, your customer, will be wanting to find on the mobile version of your site? Whilst it is possible to simply show the PC site on the mobile phone this isn’t really delivering that the end user really wants or needs. When people are moving around, using their mobiles, they won’t want to be scrolling through pages of content, they won’t want to be clicking through multiple pages to discover where you are, your opening times, etc . Consider their needs first and foremost and deliver for them.

Keep page download times to a minimum, reduce or better still remove graphical content, especially heavy graphics that take time to download. Make the most pertinent content available on the front page or at worst one click away and on a quick to open page.

Ensure the links and menu options are big enough to easily be clicked even by stubby fingers and thumbs, there’s little more annoying than clicking on a link and getting the wrong one due to them being poorly positioned, spaced, sized etc. Make it super simple to navigate the mobile site.

So what can you have on your mobile friendly website designed site?  Google Maps option to help people find your business location(s), click to call/Email/SMS buttons that instantly connect people to you with one click, easy links to your social media pages (relevant to what the end users requirements are, not for your own ego boosting effect), have your opening times easy to find along with multiple ways of connecting with your business. If you have any special content on the site, then ensure there is an easy way (one click of a button) for the users to email themselves the information or a link to it for future consumption and easy sharing.

The mobile site has to be designed with the end user in mind, end of story. What will they want to discover? How will they be wanting to use the mobile friendly site?

Show your customers you care about them, give them a way to engage with you via their chosen media, give them the option to connect with you via your own mobile friendly website.





Radio Cardiff Interview

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On Tuesday 25th September, I was interviewed on Radio Cardiff’s business show.

Here is the recording of that interview.  Really enjoyed it and had good fun.



Hope you like the content too, I’m happy with it.

To see if your business fits our criteria to work with, call us on 02921 660250 or 07881 981363 now.

When your customers tell you they want you to have a mobile marketing strategy

When you are checking your websites analytics, maybe via the Google analytics site, you can and should look to see what devices they are using to visit your site.

Whether its a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone device will tell you a lot about what content you should be providing them with.

Someone sitting at a desk or in their study, searching your site in a comfortable warm room with few immediate time constraints and no immediate plans will be more likely to be prepared to click through a number of options to find what they are searching for, they’ll be more prepared to discover information.

Someone out and about using their mobile phone to search your website will demand quicker information, simpler access to the content they are searching for, they will be unhappy to have to wait seconds for each page to download to only find out they still need to click again, and they will close that browser and go to a more user friendly competitor who shows that they have clearly considered their end users by having an optimised mobile version of their website.

So when your analytics tell you a certain number or percentage of people are looking at your website through their mobile devices, hello!! you have to wake up and take some action.

If you don’t have analytics on your website, first of all, go get some or call us to sort it out for you, and meanwhile shoot your web person. But if you dont, consider using the Google keyword tool, and that will tell you how many local or national searches there are for your chosen keyphrases via mobile devices. Whilst this may not be specific to your actual website, it will hopefully wake you up enough to take some action.

People, your customers, your prospects, are using their mobile devices to search for things you provide. They’re just as happy to visit your competitors site if they get to yours and its not mobile optimised, why should they care about you if you clearly dont care about them?

And I am positive that you do care about them very much, so its time to prove that to them.

Call us NOW on 02921 660250 or 07881 981363 and lets start getting things right with your business and mobile

5 reasons your business needs a mobile site

5 reasons your business will benefit from having a mobile site


1 Your clients and prospects use their mobile phone to access the internet, to search for information, if you’re not available to them, easy to find, site easy to use, then they will go elsewhere and all for a stupidly obvious reason to alleviate


2 relevant content   People on the move are looking for different information than people sitting at their PC desks , eg on mobile sites mobile users don’t want to have to click on multiple menu options to get to the information they’re seeking, it takes too much time and tells them you do NOT care about their experience


3 instant gratification  enable your prospects and clients to connect with you instantly via click to call buttons and relative content


4 place yourselves ahead of your competition  –  only some 18% of UK businesses have a mobile optimised site , all that says is that they don’t care about their clients or prospects , position your business way ahead of your non mobile competitors with a mobile optimised web site


5 Google says so   Google have confirmed that if a PC based site does not have a mobile based equivalent they will penalise that site in the search engine rankings,


To discover more, give us a call on 02921 660250

5 Massive benefits of Implementing a Mobile Marketing Strategy

5 massive benefits of implementing a mobile marketing strategy


1         Increased new clients  –   by having a mobile site, communicating with your prospects via their chosen medium (mobile) and making it quick painless and simple for them to connect with  and purchase from you

2         Repeat visits  –   by utilising SMS marketing, hype local and other mobile strategies , you client base will re visit your business whether in person or via mobile internet more regularly than if you do not make the effort to service them via their chosen media

3         Lower acquisition costs-  communicating via SMS is a very quick and inexpensive form of relationship building , with unbelievable open rates and quickness of the messages being read, tied in with an optimised mobile site presence results in more clients, spending more so making their initial acquisition costs considerably lower than many other forms of marketing

4         More purchasing opportunities –  using QR codes, APPs, NFC , SMS  etc etc combined with mobile commerce solutions and people will and do make purchases literally on the move without really comprehending they are spending money

5         Relationship building taken to new effectiveness by utilising the medium that nearly everybody has with them and switched on 24/7  365 days a year .  Every time that jingle tells them they have received a text message , they will look , open and read it within 15 minutes

5 strategies to make mobile marketing work for your business

1- SMS/MMS marketing Sending messages (text, multimedia etc) to people who have opted in to recieve them. Using this you can keep prospects and clients up to date with all apsects of your business, special offers, build relationships etc

2 – Mobile website – People take their mobiles everywhere with them. The internet usage on mobiles is increasing at a rapid rate, yet if your businesses site cant be seen via a mobile phone, you are missing out on potential clients. Nobody really wants to scroll and or strain their eyes to read the content. Its much better to have a website created that can be read easily on whichever mobile phone the user is on, resizing as required to fit and fully optimised to perform well. People are buying over their mobiles now regularly, and if your site isnt viewable then they will go to your competitors.

3 – Hyper local marketing – when people are within say 1/2 mile of your business, and they then recieve a time sensitive offer via their phones, theres a far better chance they will pay your business a visit than if they were sitting at home 20 miles away at their PC in the warmth of their study.

4 – Shortcodes – Inviting people to text in a phrase via a shortcode eg ‘promo to 54321′ gets these people onto your contact list, promotes your business and its products/services and depending on how well the strategy is implemented can go viral ie be passed through many points of contact as friends tell friends etc . this can be a goldmine for your business and is certainly something well worth looking into further

5- QR Codes – You know those square bar code look-a-likes that you stil larent seeing enough of but they are slowly making more regular appearances.
Well folks these things can be used in a myriad of strategic methods to drive prospects to your site (the most basic use really) , sending people to any or all of your social media sites, opting them into your contact lists, showing them eduactional / promotional type videos, even selling album tracks over their mobile phones (and these are just some straightforward ways) .

Mobile is the fasting growing medium , Google is doing everything ‘mobile first’ , the number of mobile users and surfers is increasing weekly. OK to fellow business owners its yet another medium to try to fathom out and understand , well yes and no.
You dont have to understand it, just make damn sure you’re using it via a marketing consultants that does understand it.

Do you want to grow your business?

Let me ask you some quick questions, business owner to business owner.

Would you like your business to benefit from as many highly targetted and effective marketing strategies as feasibly possible?

Would you like that taken care off virtually hands free for you as a business owner, once the initial understanding of your requirements have been understood?

In other words, everything is taken care of for you, the strategies, the implementation, any testing and tweaking, all by experts within that sector of marketing.

Are you aware of how many ways there are to market your business? Even just online?  Even just say via Facebook?

Why should you be, its unlikely you are a marketing expert.

So just how many opportunities is your business missing out on? How much business could you be winning from your competitors?

Dont you owe it you yourself and to your business to utilise the skills and knowledge of experts within many of the fields of marketing?

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We guaranttee success (subject to certain T&C) . We take a good business and we make it a fantastic business, let us do that for you.

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