When your customers tell you they want you to have a mobile marketing strategy

When your customers tell you they want you to have a mobile marketing strategy

When you are checking your websites analytics, maybe via the Google analytics site, you can and should look to see what devices they are using to visit your site.

Whether its a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone device will tell you a lot about what content you should be providing them with.

Someone sitting at a desk or in their study, searching your site in a comfortable warm room with few immediate time constraints and no immediate plans will be more likely to be prepared to click through a number of options to find what they are searching for, they’ll be more prepared to discover information.

Someone out and about using their mobile phone to search your website will demand quicker information, simpler access to the content they are searching for, they will be unhappy to have to wait seconds for each page to download to only find out they still need to click again, and they will close that browser and go to a more user friendly competitor who shows that they have clearly considered their end users by having an optimised mobile version of their website.

So when your analytics tell you a certain number or percentage of people are looking at your website through their mobile devices, hello!! you have to wake up and take some action.

If you don’t have analytics on your website, first of all, go get some or call us to sort it out for you, and meanwhile shoot your web person. But if you dont, consider using the Google keyword tool, and that will tell you how many local or national searches there are for your chosen keyphrases via mobile devices. Whilst this may not be specific to your actual website, it will hopefully wake you up enough to take some action.

People, your customers, your prospects, are using their mobile devices to search for things you provide. They’re just as happy to visit your competitors site if they get to yours and its not mobile optimised, why should they care about you if you clearly dont care about them?

And I am positive that you do care about them very much, so its time to prove that to them.

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